23 September 2014
Peter Szegedi: service update - 2014 NORDUnet Conference
10 April 2014
Peter Szegedi: service update - Internet2 Global Summit
12-13 March 2014
Rui Ribeiro (FCCN): update - 2014 eduCONF Worlshop
20 January 2014
Peter Szegedi (TERENA): service update - 2014 APAN Conference
30 October 2013
Bernie Hoeneisen: Virtual Numbers Implementation Options
23 April 2013
Ben Fineman (Internet2), Peter Szegedi (TERENA), Adi Aditya (University of Michigan), Bill Efthimiou (AARnet), Mihaly Meszaros (NIIF): 2013 Internet2 Annual Meeting
27 September 2012
Mihaly Meszaros (NIIF) update - RIPE65 - ENUM WG
27 Aug 2012
Mihaly (Misi) Meszaros (NIIF): APAN34 - Unified Communications WG meeting
14 June 2012
Peter Szegedi (TERENA): AARNet and CAUDIT Strategic Workshop
16-20 April 2012
Alex Mayrhofer - ENUM - successes, failures, alternatives, RIPE64
09 October 2009
R. Ribeiro: on the Portuguese NREN, RIPE-59, Lisbon
03 May 2007
K. Stoeckigt, B. Hoeneisen, E. Dobbelsteijn: Status Update of, call
20 September 2006
E. Dobbelsteijn: Pref-TF-ECS: ENUM and NREN's, BoF ENUM Meeting
20 September 2006
B. Hoeneisen, K. Stoeckigt: - An update, BoF ENUM Meeting
04 May 2006
B. Hoeneisen, SWITCH: ENUM - Usage scenarios and trees

News archive
12 August 2013
Welcome Romania (+40) to! RoEduNet, the Romanian NREN, is the 32nd country code delegated to
01 August 2013
Welcome New Zealand (+64) to! REANNZ, New Zealand's research and education network, is the 31st country code delegated to the tree.
28 June 2013 service community has started to collect simple use cases and/or success stories in order to promote the use of the service at universities and campuses. Read the first use case in the row on how " enhances University of Michigan role in global collaboration".
30 May 2013
Register and come to the "SIP-based video calling via " tutorial & hands-on training on the day before the TERENA Networking Conference 2013 (Sunday, 2 June, 2013). Read the full story for more information.
20 March 2013
Service policy v.0.5 is now into effect. It contains two small clarifications in the C. Membership section implied by the delegation of NORDUnet's countries and RENATER's overseas territories; the addition of C.1.3 and C.4 respectively. This is one of the results of the joint workshop (on 18-19 March 2013, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands). Read the full story for more information.
01 March 2013
France in the Indian Ocean (+262), Guadeloupe (+590), French Guiana (+594), Martinique (+596), New Caledonia (+687), and French Polynesia (+689) have been delegated to the tree by RENATER, the French NREN. Currently, there are 30 country codes delegated to the tree.
19 February 2013
Welcome Denmark (+45) and Sweden (+46) to! NORDUnet, the Nordic Infrastructure for Research & Education, acts on behalf of DeIC, Denmark and SUNET, Sweden handling these zone delegations.
13 February 2013
Welcome France (+33) to! RENATER, the French NREN, is the 22nd member to join the tree.
11 February 2013
Welcome Hong Kong (+852) to! HARNET, the Hong Kong Academic and Research Network, is the 21st member to join the tree.
30 January 2013
Welcome India (+91) to! ERNET, the National Research and Education Network of India, is the 20th member to join the tree.
23 January 2013
The agenda of the GN3 eduCONF - TERENA joint pilot workshop is now available online. The workshop will be held on 18-19 March 2013 hosted by the TERENA Secretariat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
17 December 2012
Number ranges of the University of Michigan, MI, USA, have been sub-delegated to the +1 zone operated by Interber2. The trial period is considered to be closed, the +1 delegation is now fully operational.
07 December 2012
Welcome United Kingdom (+44) to! JANET, the NREN in the UK, is the 19th member to join the tree.
28 November 2012 and GN3 project eduCONF joint working group kicks off today. Please, take a look at the slides (presented by Peter Szegedi, TERENA), the pilot's Description of Work, the videoconference recording, and the notes.
20 November 2012 and GN3 project eduCONF call for working group participation. The joint working group will pilot ENUM support in the eduCONF infrastructure by populating virtual EDDI numbers in the tree to look up destinations and to allow reachability for callers from other VoIP networks or services. This may ultimately lead to a seamless transition from a centralised gatekeeper-based Global Dialling Scheme (GDS) into a distributed DNS-lookup-based ENUM addressing scheme. To complete this objective, mutual policy agreements and small technical developments are required to both the eduCONF infrastructure and the service. Read more...
27 September 2012
Mihaly Meszaros (NIIF) presented about at the RIPE65 meeting ENUM Working Group. According to the agreement between TERENA and RIPE ENUM WG, regular service updates will be given to the ENUM WG from now on.
02 August 2012
Welcome Poland (+48) to! PSNC is considered as the national registry for in Poland.
08 June 2012
Welcome North America (+1) to! The country code +1 has been delegated to Internet2. Internet2 runs it for a trial period before the broad deployment of the service and they are open for coordination with all the other +1 countries as needed.
04 June 2012
The top level Tier-0 DNS server now can handle IPv4/IPv6 and secured by DNSsec. The new primary master is The implementation of DNSsec at the country level Tier-1 DNSs is recommended but not mandatory. DNS operators should communicate their domain DS records with NIIF, if so.
10 May 2012
A DNS crawler application has been implemented on the tree. The crawler does the ENUM number discovery on the delegated DNS servers.
09 May 2012
Service policy v.0.4 has been changed (v.0.4)! as service participants agreed in a videoconference today. Read the full story here.
04 May 2012
Welcome Australia (+61) to! AARnet, Australia's Academic and Research Network, is the first NREN participant from the Asia-Pacific region and the 16th NREN who joined the service.
19 April 2012
Welcome Argentina (+54) to! INNOVA|RED, the Argentine NREN, is the 15th NREN to join the tree.
20 March 2012
Welcome Brazil (+55) to! RNP, the Brazilian NREN, is the 14th NREN to join the tree and the first non-European participant in the service. went global!
08 December 2011
The GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGK) is now fully IPv6 compliant. The corresponding code and documentation are freely available. These are the results of a project that was organised by TERENA and co-financed by seven national research and education network (NREN) organisations.
07 November 2011
The service community and the GN3 project eduCONF activity group agreed to run a trial and assign a dedicated prefix (i.e. internet country code) for the GDS (Global Dialing Scheme) VC number within the tree.All GDS numbers (and eduCONF service's short numbers) will be populated under that dedicated prefix to ensure the VoIP-VC interoperability. This trial also supports the joint long-term action between Internet2, APAN, and TERENA to request an official 'internet country code' from ITU-T.
02 November 2011
At the RIPE63 ENUM WG meeting in Vienna, Austria, Denesh Bhabuta (UK) and Peter Szegedi (TERENA) volunteered to approach the ENUM/NRENum operators and start brainsorming about new service/application ideas using the ENUM technology. More information will come soon...
02 September 2011
Welcome Latvia (+371) to! SigmaNet is the 13th NREN to join the tree!
14 June 2011
NIIF, SWITCH and CARNet provide the usage statistics.
29 April 2011
Welcome Serbia (+381) to! AMRES is the 12th NREN to join the tree!
14 April 2011
The service migration is considered to be done. The master DNS operator is now NIIF/HUNGARNET the secondary DNSs are at SWITCH and CARNet.
04 April 2011
Following the service members' video conference on 23 March 2011, the participants agreed to extend the mandate of the service at least until the end on 2012. The Policy Document has been updated accordingly. The primary DNS operation will be migrated from SWITCH to NIIF/HUNGARNET by 30 April 2011 as the latest.
04 April 2011
New TERENA Wiki for service has been created.
11 November 2010
Welcome Croatia (+385) to! CARNet is the 11th NREN to join the tree!
05 July 2008
Welcome Portugal (+351) to! FCCN is the 10th NREN to join the tree!
28 May 2008
Today we have added an additional secondary nameserver. The new nameserver is and is hosted by the NIIF. Thanks guys.
18 May 2008
The mandate of the TERENA Task Force TF-ECS expires and the task force is now closed. TERENA Secretariat agreed to take over the coordination of the service that has been a private service run by Kewin Stoeckigt and Bernie Hoeneisen (with the technical support of SWITCH and the TF-ECS participants). TERENA is glad to take an important private project and make it as a useful community service!
29 January 2008
Now has 9 members. Today we delegated the Lithuanian Country code +370 ( to the Kaunas University of Technology.
10 September 2007
Switzerland became number 8 of the participants. As the official trial of in switzerland has been closed, SWITCH, the Swiss Research and Education Network, has decided to continue with ENUM, but now using In the next few days Universities in Switzerland wil change their systems to use The University of Berne is the first University to join with approx. 10.000 number, end the ETH Zurich (30.000 numbers) and University of Zurich (20.000 numbers) will follow shortly. Welcome Switzerland!
10 July 2007
RedIris, the spanish academic and research network has joined The zone (+34) has been delegated to them. This is now the 7th delegation in Welcome Spain!
01 June 2007
Since today, PacPhone, a free H.323 Videoconferencing client officially supports As part of is ENUM lookup functionality, PacPhone is the only H.323 client who has this feature inbuild, is now natively queried, alongside the and the tree. This is great to see!
15 April 2007
Updated mainpage and how-to's for Asterisk and NAPTR / SRV
26 March 2007
New How-to uploaded and report for January / Feburary is available
08 January 2007
We wish you all a Happy New Year and we hope you had a lovely Xmas.
20 November 2006
The Italian Research and Education Network, GARR has requested to have (+39) delegated to them. The italian country code in has been delegated as of today. Welcome Italy.
13 November 2006
The country code +32 ( for Belgium has today be delegated to BELNet. We are happy to welcome them to
06 November 2006
Hungarnet, Hungaries Research and Education Network has requested to have (+36) delegated to them. The delegation was done today. Isten Hozott!
30 October 2006
As of today GRNet has joined The Greek country code (+30) has been delegated to them.
26 September 2006
Since today, Slovenia, represented by Arnes, has joined and the +386 ( has been delegated to them. Welcome Slovenia!
10 September 2006 is happy to announce that as of August 23rd, 2006, SURFNet has joined, and the +31 ( range has been delegated to them.
18 August 2006 came into operation.