How to participate in

Query the tree

Anyone can query the tree. End-systems can be configured as described in the How-to's section below. For further information please contact the mailinglist.

Populate the tree

If the conditions described in the Policy Document fully apply, delegation requests can be sent to The local nameservers must be configured properly. You can check whether the nameservers are set up correctly with the Zonecheck tool.

Technical requirements step by step:

  • 1. Set up one primary and one secondary DNS server, with which the <xx> zone can be resolved.
  • 2. The zone <xx> must be created in your DNS servers. This is a standard DNS domain, so the zone creation goes as usual. At minimum, SOA/NS records must be added to the zone.

    Zone file example
    @  IN  SOA  (
                               2012061101  ;  Serial
                               28800  ;  Refresh
                               7200  ;  Retry
                               1814400  ;  Expire
                               86400)  ;  Negative Cache TTL
    @  IN  NS

  • 3. If you use DNSSec, please include your DNSSec Zone Signing Key hash (DS record) in the delegation request.
  • 4. Apply for the country delegation by contacting the GÉANT Association via e-mail (please use the delegation form).
  • 5. If the delegation is approved (technical configuration of your DNS is correct) the requested county code will be delegated to you and you can start populating NAPTR records (SIP/H.323) in your zone.
  • 6. We recommend to read our policy.
    Note that this policy is only for the top level country code delegations. Once you've set up your National Registry (that needs to be an NREN organisation of your country, recognised by TERENA) the national service policy is your responsibility.

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