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The Service is an end-user ENUM service run by the GÉANT Association (formerily TERENA) and participating NRENs (National Research and Education Networking organisations). The service is aimed primarily at academia. is considered as a complementary service and a valid alternative to the Golden ENUM tree. The domain "" is being populated in order to provide the infrastructure in DNS for storage of E.164 numbers. The Service includes the operation of the Tier-0 root DNS(s) and the delegation of county codes to Registries.
"" is a registered community trademark of the GÉANT Association.

Latest News
30 September 2015
Welcome El Salvador (+503) to! RAICES, the national research and ecucation network of El Salvador, looks after the 38th country code that has been delegated to The delegation of the Latin American countries is suported by the EC funded project MAGIC.
24 July 2015
Welcome Ecuador (+593) to! RedCEDIA, the national research and ecucation network of Ecuador, looks after the 37th country code that has been delegated to
14 May 2014
Welcome Malaysia (+60) to! MYREN, the Malaysian NREN, looks after the 36th country code delegated to
08 July 2014
TERENA has launched a new website for the service, the global ENUM service for academia. With the new website the growing community of (prospective) users can more easily find information and support. Read the full story for more information.
02 April 2014
Welcome Peru (+51) to! On behalf of RAAP (Red Academica Peruana), INICTEL-UNI (Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Capacitacion de Telecomunicaciones) looks after the 35th county code delegated to
28 February 2014
Welcome Singapore (+65) to! SingaREN looks after the 34th country code delegated to
24 February 2014
Welcome Colombia (+57) to! RENATA looks after the 33rd country code delegated to
23 September 2013
TERENA Executive Committee noted the updated Service policy v.0.62 that describes the role of the new Global Governance Committee (GNGC) in conjunction with the technical Operations Team (OT). Read the full story for more information.
12 August 2013
Welcome Romania (+40) to! RoEduNet, the Romanian NREN, is the 32nd country code delegated to
01 August 2013
Welcome New Zealand (+64) to! REANNZ, New Zealand's research and education network, is the 31st country code delegated to the tree.
28 June 2013 service community has started to collect simple use cases and/or success stories in order to promote the use of the service at universities and campuses. Read the first use case in the row on how " enhances University of Michigan role in global collaboration".